Helping Corporations Make Business Risk Decisions

Professional Consulting and Investigation Services

Helping Corporations Make Business Risk Decisions

Professional Consulting and Investigation Services

Handle Business Risks Better With Our Consulting Services

BD Consulting and Investigations Inc. in San Jose, CA and other locations, provides business decision consulting and investigation support. Our services can help corporations facing new risks in an acquisition or merger, managing existing risks for intellectual property, strategizing new market entry, or experiencing a loss due to theft or other risks.

BD Consulting and Investigations Inc.

What We Offer

We can assist your organization to manage risks by providing the following:

Complex Investigations

  • Fraud

  • Internal Theft

  • Service Abuse

  • Trade Secrets

  • Counterfeiting

  • Trademark Infringement

  • Patent Infringement

  • Data Breaches

Intellectual Property

  • Trade Secret Protection

  • Brand Protection

  • Counterfeits

  • Trademarks

  • Patents


  • Risk Analysis

  • Business Process

  • Data Analysis

  • Market Analysis

  • Special Projects

  • Due Diligence

Making Business Decisions

Whether an organization chooses to take any action or not is a business decision. When your organization has been a victim of a trade secret theft, trademark infringement, data breach, or other matter, the option on how to handle the matter is another business decision. The options are civil, criminal, administrative or a combination of one or more.

When making a judgment call in a business decision, the organization must consider other factors such as the risk of public embarrassment, civil litigation, criminal issues and potential impact on the stock price or perceived public image. What may be the best approach for one situation may not be the best decision for another situation.

BD Consulting and Investigations Inc.

Managing Risks

Competing in a national or global market can be difficult for a corporation. After all, every business decision has associated risks and can cause a drain on resources. At times, it can be so great as to cause a company to lose a significant market share or share value.These risks detract from the core of the business but must be managed or an organization may pay a much larger price managing the loss as a result of not managing the risks.

Mission Statement

Be the best risk consulting company by providing unique and effective business decisions solutions to problems worldwide.

Our Core Values


As part of our corporate culture, we expect all employees to be responsible for their actions and understand that our clients always come first.

Creativity and Innovation

We develop unique solutions that will result in more innovations that can solve our client’s problems.

Quality of Services

Our competitive advantage comes from the quality of service we provide. We expect that all work submitted for review by our clients will meet their needs.


We agree and expect that all of our employees and clients will employ honesty in all of our business transactions and processes.